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June 30, 2013

Switched to Wordpress!

Hey there! Sorry to inconvenience you, but if you want to get to my new website (the one that I am now updating and using), click on the link below. Due to bug issues with Blogger, I have now switched to a Wordpress website.

Thanks, and contact us if you have any questions!
P.S. I like the Wordpress website way better! :-)

June 25, 2013

Week 4 Photos

Hey there everyone! The weather is very hot here, but the puppies are enjoying spending their days out on the lawn in the shade in their little puppy pen.

We've gotten them on a schedule for their beginning potty training. We get them up and outside just before the rest of the family gets up (so that they're still sleeping and haven't starting moving around and messing their bed). Then we take them outside on the grass to go potty. Hopefully they'll start getting used to the schedule and will start keeping their bed clean during the night (they do have newspaper in one portion, however, if they do need to go during the night). The best method for potty training is consistency! If you remember this, you won't have any trouble potty training your puppy!

Anyway, here are the pictures for you to enjoy!

The Group Photo: All belly up!
Rio, Mackenzie, Hudson, Jordan, & Danny. 

Sweet Danny Boy. 

Cute little Hudson with his tongue sticking out!
Hudson again. 

Li'l' Jordan was being so photogenic today! 

Jordan posing so pertly! 

My favorite of Mackenzie!  

Mackenzie relaxing in the flower garden. 

Rio teething on the rose bush. 

Rio again. 

I guess Rio got a little tired of all the picture-taking!
Which puppy do you think posed the cutest for this week's photo shoot?

June 19, 2013

Week 3 Photos

My how the time flies! The puppies are already three weeks old! They had their first dish of softened food just today, they've been spending some time outside, and we just starting potty training! A lot can happen in just a short week!

Personalities are starting to show through as well. I've noticed a couple things. One, not only is Rio the biggest puppy so far (that could change), he's also the biggest baby. I've also noticed that little Mackenzie is very sweet and submissive and trusting. As soon as you pick her up, she relaxes and loves to be cuddled. Even if you cradle her on her back, she doesn't stiffen or get scared. I'm sure I'll be seeing more little identifying personality traits in the days ahead.

But now, for this weeks photos:

Group portrait: Rio, Danny, Jordan, Hudson, & Mackenzie





An extra one of cute l'il' Mackenzie!
Thanks for stopping by, and contact us if you're interested in getting a puppy!

June 12, 2013

Week 2 Photos

Hello everyone! This is one day late, but as of Tuesday the puppies are two weeks old!

Their eyes are now open, and they're blinking up inquisitively at the new world around them.

As you know, we've now named the puppies and can tell them apart, so we're now taking individual pictures besides the group photo. We still haven't picked up on the puppies' different personalities, but once we know that (which should be in a week or two) will be when you can start thinking about which puppy you would like to reserve for your very own!

A few people have asked me whether it's better to get a male dog or a female dog, and the answer is that gender does not make a difference--it should not be a factor when you're choosing a puppy (that is, unless you have another un-fixed dog already and don't want to bring home the opposite gender). The truth is, you have to pick a puppy whose personality matches what you want in a dog. Some males are mellow and cuddly, some females are. Some males are bouncy and boisterous, and some females are. It varies from puppy to puppy and from litter to litter, and gender doesn't really affect it.

Just some things to think about as you contemplate adding a new member to your family. Now for the pictures from this week's photo shoot. Enjoy!

The Group Photo:
See, their eyes are open now!
They all got sleepy, so they put their noses together and took a little nap while I took pictures. That was fine with me, as it kept them from squirming around! :-)


Danube ("Danny"):


And Jordan (the baby):
I couldn't resist showing you this cute picture of Hudson peeking out of his little cubby.

June 6, 2013

The Puppies Are Named

We've come up with a name theme and names for all the puppies!

The name theme is Rivers.

The puppies names are as follows: Rio, Hudson, Danube ("Danny"), Mackenzie, & Jordan! Aren't those names soooooo cute?! We love them!

So, how do we tell the pups apart--well, that's a little difficult, but this is how we've worked it out:

1. Rio is the biggest male puppy. He has very curly fur, and has a very black-spotted nose.
2. Hudson is the second biggest male. He is also curly, but has only a partially spotted nose.
3. Danny is the third in size, also with curly fur, but he has just a pink nose--no spots.
4. Mackenzie is very easy to tell apart from the others--she's the only girl! She's also the bigger of the only two straight-haired puppy.
5. Jordan is the smallest puppy (hence the name of a small river) and another male. He is the only other straight-haired pup.

So, you can see that even at this young age, it is possible to tell these puppies apart! What do you think of their names? Let us know!

June 5, 2013

Week 1 Photos

Hello everyone! I've finally been able to take some pictures of the puppies! YAY!

They are getting so big--they've at least doubled in size in their first week. They're definitely getting plenty to eat, those fat little tykes!

We've noticed that, at just one week old, they've started to growl, and it's SOOOO adorable! They also give little puppy-barks, which are really cute too.

Anyway, here are the pictures for you all to enjoy--and be sure to let us know if you're interested in adopting one of these puppies once they're older!

May 31, 2013


Hello to all you Countryside Cavachons fans out there! I KNOW I should have updated this sooner, but....

Anyway, I have GOOD NEWS for all of you! Nikki has had a litter of 5 BEAUTIFUL Cavachon puppies! They were born on May 28th early in the morning. They are all healthy and well, and are all white and wiggly, too. They look just like last year's litter, and so I'm sure that they'll also get the peach colored ears and spots as they get older, just like last year's litter did.

In this litter, funny enough, there is only one girl to four boys! She's going to have a lot of fun with all her brothers!

I'll be trying to get some pictures soon, maybe once their eyes are open. If any of you are interested in getting a puppy, just let us know (contact info here). They're a little too young to start reserving them, but you should be able to in a couple weeks. At least now you have something to look forward to! :-)

January 11, 2013

Another Litter

Hello to all the dog lovers and fans of Cavachons out there!

Here's what's going on.... I'm considering having another litter of puppies with Nikki this Spring. I would love to get some feedback on what everyone thinks of that idea! Post your comments below! With the last litter, I bred Nikki (a hybrid Cavachon) to a purebred Bichon (called a back-cross--see our About page). The puppies were adorable, and I thoroughly loved the experience. I was thinking that if I did another litter I would like to try breeding Nikki to a Cavalier stud instead of a Bichon. That might give the puppies some unique coloring. Well, I'd love to hear all your opinions on these matters, and comment away!


October 7, 2012

Kittens Now

Our mama cat, Scamper, had a litter or kittens three weeks ago. Here are some pictures of them now.

Biscuit - little female with a black spot.

Boo - totally jet-black male.

Button - white girl with grey spot.

Aren't they adorable? They are so sweet and precious, and I can't wait to watch them get bigger!

September 17, 2012

An Update! (I always love them!)

With pictures, too! That makes it double the fun! You all really don't know just how much pleasure it gives me to hear from people who have gotten a puppy from us!

Judy writes:
Hi! Well, long time no talk! Busy with Lola. She is doing great. She is out side all the time playing with the kids. Potty [training] well - avoiding outside poops. Well, that we are working on. Everybody that meets her loves her - plenty of babysitters. Goes to bed at 9 and still getting up at 5:00 - 5:30 but hoping it gets better. Got her first spa treatment last week with a hair cut so cute!! ... Hope to keep in touch. Thanks so so much - we love her and can not imagine my life with out her. ~Judy

And is the picture that Judy sent of Lola just after her spa treatment. Isn't she adorable!

Well, thank you again Judy, and I can't wait to recieve more updates and pictures!